What do you see here?


I have been showing this picture in different courses and talks, and when I place the question “what do you see in this picture?” I get the same answer in 95% of the cases: ice cubes and water.

That is correct, by the way. But if in the audience I have some who is more scientifically oriented (especially in chemistry), they might¬† reply “only water” or “only H2O”. Which is also totally correct.

So, are there two different things, or just one? How can both answers be correct if they are different? It’s all a matter of perspective, really. But for you to reply with the 2nd option, you must have some knowledge of chemistry.

What’s so interesting about this? Well, in life all around us, exactly the same thing is happening.

We may look at the world and see “ice” and “water”, we see different people, different objects, different manifestations, each with its own individual attributes, characteristics and movements. But if, like a chemist, you are able to grasp a bit deeper the essence of what you are looking at, then you would know that in fact, there is no ice and water, there is only H2O. That is, the same One vibrational entity is behind all sorts of manifestations, having apparent differences, but in fact, being only one and the same.

Just like water takes up different forms(vapour, liquid, solid) according to external forces, so that One infinite consciousness manifests itself in many ways, according to a cosmic cycle of evolution. From subtle to crude and back from crude to subtle.

The challenging part in all this is that, unlike in chemistry, you can not just pick up a book and study the subject. Well, you can, but it won’t change much of anything in your real life as it will only be a theoretical concept.

This is why focused spiritual meditation is so important. Gradually it will change the lens by which you see the world, and the idea that “we are all one” and “everything is connected” will transform itself from an intellectual thing to a state of being.


Yesterday the world changed…

… as it does every single day.

So, yesterday was the long awaited day of the apocalypse/new era/raising of consciousness/[insert your own thing here]. As expected, it was a day just like any other.

I said this before and I’ll say it again, we are not living in any special phase or era, there is no special thing about this time, there is no special happening for humanity or planet earth that we are witnessing now. There’s just too much new-age stuff around in this planet.

Yes, we have a collective energy and collective consciousness. But it’s important to understand that each of us is mainly walking an individual path. In this journey of creation and evolution, each unit mind threads along this path, from crudeness to infinite¬†consciousness¬† passing by so many stages and experiences (will write a detailed article about this topic soon). Each one of us is in an individual phase, and no two people are exactly the same. Forget this utopian idea that something is going to happen and suddenly the planet will be saved and humanity will be different. This is not the way nature works.

“Bad” is being created all the time, and so is “good”. Both will always simultaneously exist. I’m sorry if you have seen too much fairy tales movies on TV or new age documentaries and this can disappoint you. The world will never end, and it will never be “saved” either. There is no such thing, everything is happening in a most natural way, and evolving from it.

We should not be worried with these “phases”, our concern should be with our own “phase”. What am I doing daily to push ahead my development? What am I doing to expand my own consciousness until it reaches infinity?

That’s how it will happen, don’t expect magical shifts or help from other galaxies. Take action, start today.

And that internal progress will need to manifest itself in an external way, and that is when you care more and more for creating a more harmonious and functional human society. Not only taking care of other people, but the entire creation, animals and plants. Fighting to create this better world will become inevitable. But this fight is done without attachment, because it’s also just a temporary fight, related with this stage you are living in. The inner journey is the one that continues, stage after stage, life after life, until you reach nothing less than the Supreme. Everything else is just scenery.