that mystical feeling

“Mysticism is a never-ending endeavour to find out the link between the finite and the infinite” – Shrii Shrii Anandamurti


“I want to be alone with You, oh Infinite One
I know that you surround me from all directions, but still I grow tired of searching for you
you are present in the surging waves of the ocean
you are there in both the silence and the noises of the forest
on every step of the path you are with me, in a calm and tranquil state
in the clear blue skies and in the groups of star clusters, in forests, gardens and in the sweet fragrance of flowers
amidst all that is known and all that is unknown you remain ever peaceful
you have captured all of my heart
you have filled it with a ray of hope
this home was lost in darkness, but then you filled it with light
why then have you kep m ebound within the world of limitedness
the petals of my mind were absorbed with your sweet nectar of love
why then do imperfections remain, in this exchange of consciousness
you have given the moonlight and the flowers blossom, but why did you not come yourself?
you drenched my mind with devotion but remained distant, but why did you not come within my reach?
you are clear as the morning sun, the color of the dawn is created by you,
all of the qualities of this universe are your qualities, but why do you still remain unseen
smile sweetly, oh flute player, from within,  do not stay away from me any longer”


a relationship

Relationships need to be nurtured. Whether we speak about relationships with our relatives, boyfriend or girlfriend, friends, they all need attention and care in order to be healthy and to grow.

When we loose that care, the relationship tends to fade away with time, as it slowly looses its importance and that very special thing that made it valuable. It’s up to us to maintain it, just like a flower in a pot.

The relationship with the Supreme is no different. It is up to us to put some of our energy, atention and love in it, and that, with time, will make it feel more and more special, more and more close.

This next quote is still my favourite definition of what meditation is, as it easily breaks our standard view of meditation as a “practice”, a “habit”, or something else. It takes us to a different level, where everything is about love.