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Do not delay

I’ve recently finished re-reading the book “The Life of Milarepa”, a biography of a spiritual aspirant that got “famous” due to his extreme and dramatic experiences in life, a very though path on his way to spiritual liberation.

There is one quote, by Milarepa, that really made sense to me, as he puts this idea that I’ve been trying to express for quite some time, in a most simple and easy way:

“The affairs of the world will go on forever. Do not delay the practice of meditation.” – Milarepa

Very easily our minds drift in the pursuit of things and with the sense or urgency to solve thousands of problems in the world and ourselves. Be it social problems, politcal, economical, educational, ecological… or any other. But, like my master once said, on a collective level, perfection is impossible. It’s part of Nature, it’s part of the cycle of creation, to have clashes, struggles, evolution and degeneration. The world will never be perfect, and that is its perfection :)

We are now living in a specific context of time, space and people and we can easily get stuck in the dramas of the lives that surround us.Of course we have to be involved in the world, serve and help so that everything is a bit better everyday. But we simply can not let that those issues make us delay our spiritual progress – the only true progress.

Hence, my master said that in life we should have a subjective approach with an objective adjustment. Keeping our spiritual goal, we adapt and adjust to the real life around us.

New dramas will come, new conflicts, new ideas, new problems, even after we are long gone. “Perfection” will never come. It’s interesting to note that Milarepa lived about 1000 years ago, a time when society and its problems would be very different from those of today, mas the essence of this quote is exactly the same: problems will go on for ever, do not delay that which is the most important in life… we are just passing by :)

that mystical feeling

“Mysticism is a never-ending endeavour to find out the link between the finite and the infinite” – Shrii Shrii Anandamurti


“I want to be alone with You, oh Infinite One
I know that you surround me from all directions, but still I grow tired of searching for you
you are present in the surging waves of the ocean
you are there in both the silence and the noises of the forest
on every step of the path you are with me, in a calm and tranquil state
in the clear blue skies and in the groups of star clusters, in forests, gardens and in the sweet fragrance of flowers
amidst all that is known and all that is unknown you remain ever peaceful
you have captured all of my heart
you have filled it with a ray of hope
this home was lost in darkness, but then you filled it with light
why then have you kep m ebound within the world of limitedness
the petals of my mind were absorbed with your sweet nectar of love
why then do imperfections remain, in this exchange of consciousness
you have given the moonlight and the flowers blossom, but why did you not come yourself?
you drenched my mind with devotion but remained distant, but why did you not come within my reach?
you are clear as the morning sun, the color of the dawn is created by you,
all of the qualities of this universe are your qualities, but why do you still remain unseen
smile sweetly, oh flute player, from within,  do not stay away from me any longer”

What do you see here?


I have been showing this picture in different courses and talks, and when I place the question “what do you see in this picture?” I get the same answer in 95% of the cases: ice cubes and water.

That is correct, by the way. But if in the audience I have some who is more scientifically oriented (especially in chemistry), they might  reply “only water” or “only H2O”. Which is also totally correct.

So, are there two different things, or just one? How can both answers be correct if they are different? It’s all a matter of perspective, really. But for you to reply with the 2nd option, you must have some knowledge of chemistry.

What’s so interesting about this? Well, in life all around us, exactly the same thing is happening.

We may look at the world and see “ice” and “water”, we see different people, different objects, different manifestations, each with its own individual attributes, characteristics and movements. But if, like a chemist, you are able to grasp a bit deeper the essence of what you are looking at, then you would know that in fact, there is no ice and water, there is only H2O. That is, the same One vibrational entity is behind all sorts of manifestations, having apparent differences, but in fact, being only one and the same.

Just like water takes up different forms(vapour, liquid, solid) according to external forces, so that One infinite consciousness manifests itself in many ways, according to a cosmic cycle of evolution. From subtle to crude and back from crude to subtle.

The challenging part in all this is that, unlike in chemistry, you can not just pick up a book and study the subject. Well, you can, but it won’t change much of anything in your real life as it will only be a theoretical concept.

This is why focused spiritual meditation is so important. Gradually it will change the lens by which you see the world, and the idea that “we are all one” and “everything is connected” will transform itself from an intellectual thing to a state of being.